Ubuntu Touch for Phones Will Be Usable by the End of the Month

Canonical developers thinks they can provide a minimum of functionality

Ubuntu Touch for Phones has been announced for some time now, but Canonical has yet to release a working version of it. This problem will be fixed by the end of May.

Rick Spencer, an engineering manager at Canonical, has promised that a working version of the operating system would be made available soon. He also underlined some of the goals of his team.

• Make and receive phone calls;

• Make and receive sms messages;

• Browse the web on 3g data;

• Browse the web on wifi;

• Switch between wifi and 3g data;

• The proximity sensor dims the screen when the user lifts the phone to talk on it;

• Users can import contacts from somewhere, and they can add and edit contacts;

• When the user updates the phone, the user data is retained, even if updating with phablet-flash.

These sound like very feasible goals, and if they manage to pull it off, we will be able to get a glimpse of the final product very soon.

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