Ubuntu Touch OS Receives Important Updates

Canonical is continuously working on Ubuntu Touch

The development of Ubuntu Touch OS has been kept in the dark these past few weeks, but Canonical has released some information about the progress made by the developers.

Mark Shuttleworth has promised that a functional version of Ubuntu Touch, for tablets and mobiles, would be available soon, but it seems that the developers aren't there yet. Here are a few highlights from the latest update:

• Bluetooth support for Nexus 7 has been implemented;

• The gallery application was renamed to gallery-app;

• The telephony application was renamed to phone-app;

• The developers have started to migrate to Qt 5.0.1, from 5.0;

• The telephony application has been improved, but it's not working as of yet;

• Video playback has been fixed for the Nexus 7.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official Ubuntu mailing list.

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