Ubuntu Touch OS Ditches Android's AudioFlinger for PulseAudio

The developers have made a radical decision late in the development cycle

The Ubuntu Touch OS is still being worked on by Canonical and the failure of Ubuntu Touch hasn't been stopped by the developers, who have just ditched the Android's AudioFlinger.

Ubuntu Touch relied on AudioFlinger for playing and recording audio, but Canonical has finally moved past it and they've adopted PulseAudio.

“This provides somewhat of a compromise between features and porting effort: By using the ALSA library whenever we can, we can access PulseAudio's timer scheduling and dynamic latency features. Having the straightest path possible for playing back music should help efficiency (and in extension, battery life),” stated David Henningsson on the official mailing list.

The developer has also warned the porters of Ubuntu Touch that they will have to do some extra work because they will need to write the UCM mixer files.

The launch date for Ubuntu Touch hasn't been announced yet, but Canonical might be ready to ship a final version in October, along with Ubuntu 13.10.

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