Ubuntu Touch Now Has PIN Lock

A new major functionality has been implemented in the OS

The Ubuntu Touch OS has just received a major functionality which indicates that a working release should be that far off.

Canonical has promised that users will have a working version of Ubuntu Touch (not a final one) very soon, but the date keeps on changing.

“The UI is still a forthcoming feature, however in the short-term, it's now possible to use a command-line script to enter your PIN, change your PIN, or reset your PIN if locked out ( i.e. if you enter a PIN Incorrectly 3x, you will be locked out, and will require a PUK code from your Operator), stated Canonical’s Tony Espy.

This might not seem like much, but the truth is that this feature alone takes the operating system closer to a working prototype.

If only the Canonical team would finally implement 3G support, than we could finally get something to show off to our friends.

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