Ubuntu Touch Is Getting Ready to Be Customized by Mobile Operators

Canonical is making some very important changes to their new operating system

Ubuntu Touch 1.0 is getting ready to an October 17 launch and Canonical has started to implement the groundwork for the various mobile operators who want to customize it.

If Ubuntu Touch is going to succeed, then Canonical needs to make it as appealing as possible to the various operators who want to modify it according to their needs.

“In order to begin testing customization we've made a fake carrier called "RingTel". You can make your Ubuntu phone look like a device from RingTel by installing the saucy-customized or saucy-proposed-customized channels. Everything we have in that bundle is sample stuff, just for us to test the customization methods and it's not intended to resemble anything like a shipping device,” stated Canonical's Matthew Fischer.

This means that very soon, anyone will be able to make their Ubuntu Touch a lot more personal, with themes, ringtones, and much more.

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