Ubuntu Touch Can Import Google Contacts

It seems that users just have to enter a simple command from a terminal, for now

One of the biggest hurdles for the new Ubuntu Touch, to import the Google contacts, has been passed.

Even if it's probably one of the most sought after features on the new Ubuntu Touch from Canonical, there is no official app as of yet that can import the contacts from Google. It seems that there is a command that can serve this purpose just as well.

Users will need to access the phone via SSH (other users have reported that adb shell doesn't work for everyone) and to enter the following command in a terminal. You will need the root password:

syncevolution --sync one-way-from-server Google_Contacts addressbook

If you have more than 50 contacts in your Google address book, then you will have to run the command more than once in order to import them all.

Ubuntu Touch is expected to arrive on October 17, along with Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy


UPDATE: For this function to work you will need to install syncevolution, which can be found in the official repositories, and to configure it. More details on the official Ubuntu wiki.

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