Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS Has XFCE Desktop Environment

Updates the LTS release with latest patches and improvements

Ubuntu Studio, a multimedia editing/creation flavor of Ubuntu, has reached version 12.04.2 LTS along with the other distros in the series.

The Ubuntu Studio developers have stated that they are very proud of the sheer number for changes and new features added in this latest version, making this release the best one as of yet.

Highlights of Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS:

• A lowlatency kernel is now installed by default;

• XFCE is now the default desktop environment;

• Pulse Audio <-> JACK bridging has been enabled by default;

• New LightDM and Desktop background/backdrop images have been added;

• The distribution will ship with a newer 3.2.0-37.37 kernel. This is based on the 3.2.37 Upstream Linux Kernel;

• The Long Term Support term is three years, unlike Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which has five.

Check the official announcement for more details about this release.

Download Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS right now from Softpedia.

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