Ubuntu Spotted Flying Over the Antarctic During a NASA Mission

It looks like NASA is also a fan of the Ubuntu operating system

The Ubuntu community has made a habit of spotting their favorite operating system in the most unexpected places. The Linux distribution built by Canonical has been observed “flying” over an Antarctic region, during a NASA mission.

The Ubuntu Linux distro has been spotted before in numerous weird places, like billboards and a Nintendo kiosk at Best Buy, to name just a couple. Now, a user has posted on Reddit a video made by NASA during the Operation IceBridge, which takes place over the Ross Sea.

It looks like the scientists are using Ubuntu for various “scientific” purposes, but Ubuntu developer Michal Hall managed to identify a number of other desktops in the video, like KDE, some GNOME panels, and even a QtCreator window.

"After an early morning weather briefing and takeoff from the sea ice runway at the National Science Foundation's McMurdo Station, the NASA P-3 flew a survey that took researchers across the Ross Sea basin and back. The purpose of this mission was to set up a pair of parallel lines known as a flux gate that scientists can use to study how ice moves out through the Ross Sea," says NASA in the video description.

If you have seen Ubuntu in an interesting or funny location, please make sure to leave a comment. Enjoy the video!

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