Ubuntu Powered Humanoid Robot Greeted People at LinuxCon Europe 2012

The participants had the opportunity to interact with the robot

An Ubuntu powered robot has welcomed the participants in the first day of LinuxCon Europe 2012, held in Barcelona, Spain.

LinuxCon Europe 2012 is organized by The Linux Foundation, with the help of Embedded Linux Conference Europe.

PAL Robotics has agreed to bring REEM, a humanoid robot, in the first day of the event to greet the participants.

According to its builders, REEM is one of PAL Robotics’ humanoid service robots, which is programmed with tools from the Linux ecosystem, and amongst other things, runs the Ubuntu distribution and the Xenomai real-time kernel.

The attendants have the opportunity to interact with the robot, REEM, during the coffee break and lunch.

REEM's trip is part of an active program to take the robot in the real world, and so, various types of stakeholders, from potential customers and suppliers to users, can learn about the robot.

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