Ubuntu Phones to Sell for $200 (€143) to $400 (€287)

The new Ubuntu phones should arrive in the fall of 2014

Canonical has announced a short while ago the two hardware partners that will release Ubuntu powered phones, Meizu and BQ and now, the found of the company, has also hinted at the price.

Even if Meizu and BQ are not exactly household names in the hardware industry, they do manufacture some high-end devices and the Ubuntu fans have been wondering how much the new phones will actually cost.

According to v3.co.uk, which spoke with the founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, those prices won't be as high as many of us believed.

“Ours will come out in the mid-higher edge, so $200 (€143) to $400 (€287). We’re going with the higher end because we want people who are looking for a very sharp, beautiful experience and because our ambition is to be selling the future PC, the future personal computing engine,” said Mark Shuttleworth.

This is more of an official way of promoting Ubuntu for phones in the market place, but the truth is that the new operating system from Canonical is running very well on Nexus 4, which is also a very good phone.

Until Canonical starts supporting Nexus 5 officially, you can always get a Nexus 4 and see the OS for yourself.

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