Ubuntu Phone Shows Facebook Integration at CES 2013 – VIDEO

The application is not native, but it shows a lot of potential

Ubuntu Phone has garnered a lot of attention at CES 2013 and the developers from Canonical have shown some of the OS’s capabilities, including the Facebook integration.

Ubuntu Phone was announced only a week ago and the developers have been quick to show what it can do and why they think it will be a viable alternative to Android and Windows Phone 8.

Videos are pouring from CES 2013, but unlike Mark Shuttleworth who hasn't shown many details about Ubuntu Phone, another Canonical developer demonstrated its Facebook integration.

Keep in mind that there are very few native applications for the new operating system. The Facebook app you can see in the video is actually a web app, which means it needs a browser to work.

A launch date hasn't been set yet, but the first alpha builds are set to arrive in February. Furthermore, AT&T is watching out for the Ubuntu Phone as a possible candidate, alongside Firefox OS.

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