Ubuntu Phone OS Gets Major Performance Boost – VIDEO

An Ubuntu developer showed new and improved OS from Canonical

Ubuntu Phone OS is not even out the door yet and the Internet is already buzzing with interest, especially when it's about the performance capabilities.

When it was first showed a week ago, Ubuntu Phone OS may have looked pretty and interesting, but everyone noticed that it had some considerable lag.

Mark Shuttleworth mentioned in the first day of CES 2013 that Ubuntu Phone received an upgrade, but besides his live demonstration, there was no actual proof of it.

Michael Frey, an Ubuntu developer (the one who published an image with new OS in a bar), presented at CES a comparison between the initial release and the one that is now used.

The difference is significant, especially if we keep in mind that only a week has passed since the official announcement.

More information about Ubuntu OS will be made available in the coming days, at CES 2013.

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