Ubuntu Phone OS Demoed with Video Player

The built-in video player features horizontal previews when seeking

Now that Ubuntu Phone OS has been presented at CES 2013, the annual IT event hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, many powerful IT magazines are publishing more and more web content about it.

In the above video, you can see a short hands-on demonstration of Ubuntu Phone OS by CHIP TV, which presents a video playing in horizontal mode.

What’s more interesting about this video player, incorporated in Ubuntu Phone OS, is that it features a previews-enabled seeking functionality, which is pretty slick if you ask us.

Among various other interesting features that will be part of the Ubuntu Phone OS, we can mention Facebook integration, People Lens, Categorized Apps, and much more.

A first Beta release of the Ubuntu operating system for smartphones will be published by Canonical in the upcoming days, and we believe that anyone will be able to test it thoroughly.

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