Ubuntu One No Longer Supports Facebook Sync

Facebook contacts import and sync was removed from Ubuntu One

Canonical announced yesterday, July 11th, on the Ubuntu One blog that they will completely remove support for Facebook from the Ubuntu One cloud storage.

I always thought that technologies are getting improved all the time with new features, but it looks like they are also regressing, as importing and syncing Facebook contacts option from the Ubuntu One web dashboard has been removed.

Users who already imported their Facebook contacts into the Ubuntu One web dashboard can still manually add new ones or edit the existing contacts.

"As we communicated back in December, we’re continuing to invest in our new data sync infrastructure U1DB. Therefore, we’ve been gradually turning off services that are reliant on the old infrastructure and providing little value to users in their current form."

"Contacts will also be one of the first services that we will build on top of our upcoming new data sync infrastructure." - was stated in the blog announcement.

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