Ubuntu One Music Store Available Now on Web and Mobile

Get Ubuntu One Music Streaming free for 6 months!!

The Ubuntu One development team proudly announced earlier today, September 11th, that a new version of their famous Ubuntu One Music Store is now available.

With this new redesign, Canonical made Ubuntu One Music Store accessible from the web or a mobile device. Therefore, users will be able to purchase their favorite tracks directly from their smartphone or web browser.

Click the title photo above to see the new Ubuntu One Music Store in action, offering clean and instant purchases of music tracks.

To access the Ubuntu One Music Store from the web, you'll need to have a Ubuntu One account first. Log in and access it from the new music tab on the Music section of your dashboard.

From there you will be able to see your purchase history, search music, and see your basket.

"To celebrate our new store we are running a special promotion. Everyone who makes any purchase from now until the end of October will automatically receive Ubuntu One Music Streaming free for 6 months," the blog announcement read.

So, what are you waiting for?

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