Ubuntu Official Website Is Now Also Displaying a Windows Logo

Canonical has announced that Juju now comes with support for Windows Azure

Canonical is now sporting the Windows logo on their website, showing off their new deal with Microsoft that allows them to deploy Ubuntu in Ubuntu Azure.

The company that built Ubuntu, Canonical, had some very harsh words for Windows 8 and Microsoft, in the past, but when it comes to Windows Azure, all of that is forgotten.

“Canonical, in cooperation with Microsoft, is announcing that Juju fully supports deploying services on Ubuntu into Windows Azure. This means that Ubuntu users can use Juju with its intuitive GUI to design and deploy sophisticated application infrastructure instantly into Windows Azure,” reads the announcement from Canonical's website.

To be fair, Canonical has been in league with Microsoft for quite a while in regard with Windows Azure, but this the first time that they're advertising it on the official website.

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