Ubuntu Is Getting Ready for Widgets

Even if they seem to belong in KDE, Unity will have them too

The Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, has provided the Ubuntu community with some pretty important information, but it seems that more is on their way.

Canonical took some heat when they decided to integrate Unity in the Ubuntu operating system, but they've marched on.

They've were also criticized for their decision to integrate a shopping lens and an amazon lens in Unity, but they are not backing down.

According to a session at UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit), they are not preparing to integrate widgets into Ubuntu, much like the ones found in Kubuntu.

According to phoronix.com, Ubuntu 13.04 will be the first to see the introduction of widget mechanism, and full on widgets will probably be implemented properly in Ubuntu 13.10.

Until then, the lenses will also be improved and who knows what Canonical has in store for the users, with future Unity updates.

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