Ubuntu-Inspired Logos Showing Up in Microsoft Products, Including Windows 8.1

The famous Ubuntu logo design is also showing in the latest Windows version

Ubuntu-inspired logos have been noticed in Microsoft products, one on the official website and one inside the latest Windows 8.1.

We reported yesterday about the Ubuntu look-alike logo found on the official Microsoft website, promoting features for SQL Server Express Community. The resemblance is uncanny, but you can't really say that it has been copied.

Now, our readers have pointed out that a similar logo can be found in Windows 8.1 (and the previous Windows 8), in the Charms bar, which can be revealed by sliding the mouse to the right side of the screen.

The Share button uses a similar design to the one employed by Canonical for Ubuntu, with a circle and three dots on it. It doesn't have any color, but it can be easily recognized.

If you spot the Ubuntu logo in any other places, please leave a comment below.

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