Ubuntu Edge Will Be the First Phone to Dual-Boot Between Different OSes

Canonical is not holding any punches when it comes to the features for Ubuntu Edge

The new Ubuntu Edge phone holds great promise, especially due to its insane hardware specifications, but the most interesting one has to be the dual boot option.

Canonical has announced the Ubuntu Edge will be the first fully convergent phone, capable of transforming into a small PC when connected to a keyboard and monitor.

This feature alone should be a best seller, but the company went a little further into the future and borrowed a PC feature that should fit like a glove on Ubuntu Edge.

The ability to dual-boot between two different operating systems seems to be a fairly reasonable one, but no one has ever done it before. Ubuntu Edge will be the first mobile device capable of such a feat.

It will run Android, presumable the stock one, with Ubuntu for Android interface on top. The other operating system will be Ubuntu Touch, an OS that is now in development and that should be available as a stable variant at the end of the year, or maybe in the first months of 2014.

If you are interested in Ubuntu Edge, you should our initial report.

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