Ubuntu Edge Gets "Forgot International Shipping" Perk for Careless Users

Canonical has added a new perk that should take care of any problems

Ever since Canonical announced the Ubuntu Edge smartphone initiative, the users have been baffled by the pricing of the device, not knowing whether they should include the transportation fees into the main pledge.

The Ubuntu Edge IndiGoGo website has been bombarded with a lot of comments, but many of them are made by people who are announcing a secondary pledge of $30 (€22.50) because they didn't include that sum in the original offer.

Canonical has included now a new perk called “FORGOT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING,” which states: “If you’ve already contributed for the phone but forgot to add shipping for countries outside the US and UK, just choose this perk and we’ll handle the rest.”

Canonical has initiated a crowd-funding campaign for Ubuntu Edge, a next-generation phone with great technical specifications and a beautiful design.

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