Ubuntu Edge Crowd-Funding Campaign Passes the 20% Mark

Thousands of buyers have already expressed their interest in Ubuntu Edge

Canonical has launched a $32 million (€24 million) campaign for Ubuntu Edge and the company has managed to get past the 20% mark in just a few days.

The campaign for the Ubuntu Edge superphone with its insane hardware characteristics has been driven, so far, by a few special perks that offered buyers the phone at a discount.

This part of the campaign is pretty much over, or at least there is no sign that something similar is planned. Canonical now has to produce new perks that will get the community all riled up, again.

They are already promoting a competition that features an interesting prize, one of a kind Ubuntu engraved Ubuntu Edge, with the name of the winner, of course.

Whether this is enough to push the campaign beyond the 20% it currently displays, is anyone’s guess, but so far, it’s going exceedingly well.

You can see more details about this campaign and about the Ubuntu Edge on Softpedia.

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