Ubuntu Community Charity Marathon Ends in Success

The team of six managed to raise a pretty sum of money

The Community Team at Canonical, led by Jono Bacon, has managed to raise a nice sum of money with the Ubuntu Community Charity Marathon.

The team had to work 24 hours straight and discuss various projects, give tutorials, and answer questions from the community.

Users have been urged to donate money to various charity initiatives: WaterAid, Homeless International, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Little Kids Rock!, and Autism Research Trust.

“Thank-you to everyone who donated, many of whom donated to multiple horsemen; your generosity is hugely appreciated, not just by us, but also by the many people, families, and neighborhoods that will benefit from your contributions,” stated Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community team leader.

They managed to gather £5133, even though Jono said that “spending 24 hours with the same five other somewhat-sleep-deprived people could be a recipe for frustration.”

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