Ubuntu 14.10 Development Now Tracking Linux Kernel 3.16 RC2

The final version of Ubuntu 14.10 should get Linux kernel 3.16.x

Canonical is now developing Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) and the team is right in the middle of the development cycle. One of the most important components for the upcoming OS has been updated again, although it hasn't reached the main branch just yet.

The Linux kernel is one of the most important packages in a distro and the Ubuntu developers are working to get the branch that will eventually power Ubuntu 14.10 at launch.

“We have rebased our Utopic kernel ‘unstable’ branch to v3.16-rc2. We are preparing initial packages and performing some test builds and DKMS package testing. I do not anticipate a v3.16 based upload until it has undergone some additional widespread baking and testing,” said Canonical's Joseph Salisbury in the regular Ubuntu Kernel Team meeting.

The kernel freeze for Ubuntu 14.10 is set for October 2, but the team has to integrate a stable version long before then.

The launch date for Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) has been set for October 23, which means that we are still a long way off and that the bulk of the features haven’t been implemented yet.

Even so, Ubuntu developers provide a daily image for the upcoming 14.10 operating system if users want to test it.

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