Ubuntu 13.10 Will Not Have Scopes in Ubuntu Software Center

The downloadable scopes will be available for Ubuntu 14.04

The scopes have been playing a very important role in the latest Ubuntu iterations, but Canonical has decided that it’s not yet the time to download themes from Ubuntu Software Center.

Canonical developers have announced that users will not be able to download scopes from the Ubuntu Software Center, at least in Ubuntu 13.10.

“For 13.10, scopes will not be available in the app store and application confinement[1] will prevent apps from abusing scopes and the scopes architecture. For 14.04 we'd like to have app developers able to deliver scopes via the app store.”

“For us to be able to have scopes deliverable via click packages, we'll need to carefully design the system to support confining scopes,” said Jamie Strandboge in a post on the official mailing list.

I wasn't even aware that this was an issue for Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), but it's good to know that Canonical is thinking at least six months ahead.

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