Ubuntu 13.04 to Receive New Window Docking Animations – Screenshot

Compiz has already been patched to integrate the functionality

The maximize and minimize transitions for windows in the Ubuntu operating systems have been perfected over time, but now a patch has been implemented for Compiz to further refine the effects.

The transition effect that is shown when a user docks a window on one of the four sides of the Ubuntu desktop has been implemented for quite some time, but John Lea from Ayatana Design has submitted a bug fix on Launchpad regarding a subtle, but interesting modification.

Instead of showing an orange, semi-transparent effect, Compiz will now display a transparent version of the window that's about to be docked.

Along with the summited bug, John Lea also posted a concept video which demonstrates the effect. After some tweaking, a fix was summited and the effects implemented.

It's unsure that this will make it into Ubuntu 13.04, but it has a high probability.

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