Ubuntu 13.04 Developer Summit Sponsorship Open

The event will cover Ubuntu 13.04 from 29th Oct - 1st Nov, in Europe

Canonical announced a couple of days ago, August 1st, that the sponsorship for the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit 2012 event is now open for submissions.

Ubuntu Developer Summit 2012 for the Ubuntu 13.04 operating system will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe at the Bella Centre, from 29th October - 1st November, 2012.

"For every UDS Canonical sponsors the hotel and accommodation of a set of community members to ensure they are free to contribute and bring value to the discussions."

"We have a limited budget so we can’t sponsor everyone, but we are always keen to have a capable and diverse group to sponsor." - said Canonical in the blog announcement.

This is the second and last Ubuntu Developer Summit event for 2012. Detailed instructions about how to apply for sponsorship can be found in the announcement, here.

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