Ubuntu 12.10 Will Overtake Windows 8 on Steam, Valve Survey Reveals

The monthly hardware survey from Valve is showing some interesting trends

Steam for Linux is now out of Beta and the first relevant data about the operating systems that are using it, has been published.

Valve has a monthly hardware survey which gathers all sorts of interesting information about the Steam users. Ever since Linux became a supported platform, the OS entry in the survey has changed its structure considerably.

The Linux adoption rate of Steam is quite high and has passed 2%. This means that at an average of 5.5 million users per day, there are 110000 Linux players.

It may not seem much, but the fact is that these numbers are raising quickly and when more games have been ported for Linux, the adoption rate will change drastically.

The last statistic that’s worth mentioning is about Ubuntu 12.10 for 64-bit. At 0.71%, it will soon surpass Windows 8, which only has 0.74%.

More interesting facts about Steam users can be found in the official Valve survey.

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