Ubuntu 12.10 Will Have an Improved Unity Interface

New Shopping Lens, Google Docs Scope, Remote Videos Scope and much more!

With last night's update, Canonical published a major update to the Unity interface of the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) operating system, due for release next month.

The improved Unity interface brings new lenses, such as a Shopping Lens for your online shopping needs and a Google Docs Scope for searching through your online stored documents. Also, price and user ratings ribbons were added on suggested apps – information taken from Ubuntu Software Center.

Another nice thing implemented in the new Unity user interface is the ability to install apps directly from the Unity Previews function – your password is all you need – and the installation progress bar over the launcher icon for the respective app – pretty similar to the animation on Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

Moreover, there's new animation for the Unity Previews function, the Video Lens has been improved with a Remote Videos Scope, the Workspace icon can now be (finally) moved wherever you want, and the Gwibber Lens now has a Twitter icon.

Last but not least, the AskUbuntu, AskLibreOffice and Manpages Help Lens are now available for installation on the default software repositories. See the screenshots below for more details!

Don't forget to visit our website next week, on September 27th, for a detailed report on the second and last Beta release of Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal), where we will unveil more of Quantal's new features!


Ubuntu 12.10's Unity (4 Images)

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