Ubuntu 12.10 Will Have Its Own Control Panel

Canonical forks GNOME Control Center, makes Ubuntu Control Center

Bilal Akhtar, a young developer at Canonical, proudly announced on his Google+ channel, during the Ubuntu 12.10 Developer Summit, that the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will have its own control center.

That's right, Canonical decided to fork the GNOME Control Center app and make an Ubuntu Control Center one for the next release of Ubuntu, due for release on October 18th.

"There, it's official. Gnome-control-center has been forked by the systems team, and 12.10 onwards will come with ubuntu-control-center." - said Bilal Akhtar on a Google+ post.

Ubuntu Developer Summit for Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal), the upcoming version of the popular Ubuntu operating system, is taking place these days in Oakland, USA, between 7 and 11 May.

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