Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Supported on Allwinner MK802 PC

Allwinner A10 MK802 Mini PC port of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The hackers from Miniland Tech worked hard on porting Canonical's Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating system on the Allwinner A10 MK802 Mini PC.

Actually, they successfully built images for the Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Kubuntu Linux distributions. They all support OpenGL and Wi-Fi.

Here's how to install the images of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on your MK802 box:

· Download the desired image

· Extract the image, an example using the p7zip CLI is p7zip -d lubuntu-desktop-12.04-1-miniand.com.img.7z

· Insert the SD card

· Find which device the SD card is with fdisk: sudo fdisk -l. It will be something like /dev/sdd

· Copy the image to the SD card with dd, making sure to use the SD device: dd if=lubuntu-desktop-12.04-1-miniand.com.img of=/dev/sdd

· Make sure the write has finished with sync: sudo sync

· Put the SD card into your MK802, turn on the MK802 and enjoy!

For more details and download links, please check the official forum post.

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