Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Images Available on Microsoft Azure

The new service from Microsoft allows users to run Linux in the cloud

Canonical and Microsoft have formed a partnership in order to make Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system available on Windows Azure.

In case you were wondering what Windows Azure is and why Canonical is interested in it, you must know that the new service from Microsoft is an easy-to-use management portal and command-line tool supposed to manage applications from any platform, including Linux.

One of the most sought after functionalities of Windows Azure is the ability to run virtual machines in the cloud; hence Canonical's interest to make its operating system available for Azure's users.

“The team leading Azure has a sophisticated understanding of Ubuntu and Linux in general. They are taking a pragmatic approach that will raise eyebrows around the Redmond campus, but is exactly what customers want to see. We have taken a similar view,” said Mark Shuttleworth in a blog post.

Windows Azure is still in the Beta phase. A trial version is available, for 90 days, but it will require a Windows Live ID and a credit card.

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