Turn Your Xubuntu in a Mac OS Look-alike with the Macbuntu Theme

The theme is actually composed of several applications

Xfce users can now make their operating system look a lot more like Mac OS, with just a few modifications.

If you have a Xubuntu operating system or another Xfce powered OS, you can get the “Macbuntu like for XFCE” theme installed and make it look like a Mac OS.

The theme is composed of three parts, the files for the icons and decorations, Docky 3D, and the Slingshot menu. The last updates for this package included new wallpapers, Mac buttons instructions, a Macbuntu Splash Screen, and a few other changes.

The NOOB osx icons are used along with an alternate Icons theme. This solution has been tested on Xubuntu 13.04 for Mac buttons and Xubuntu 13.10 for Mac buttons, Slingshot Menu, and Docky 3D.

The developers have also included the My-Weather-Indicator package. Download the entire “Macbuntu like for XFCE” right now from xfce-look.org.

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