Turn Your GNOME Desktop Into an iOS 7 Lookalike with iLinux-iCons 8.7

This is a very large icon pack that resembles the style used by Apple

iLinux-iCons, a collection of icons for GNOME desktops that resemble the style and format of the ones found in the new iOS 7, has just reached version 8.7.

Many developers are releasing icon packs, especially for GNOME-based desktops, that imitate or copy the style of the iOS 7 theme. This is the case with iLinux-iCons, which aims to provide the same feeling as its iOS counterpart.

The developer has explained that iLinux-iCons 8.7 comes with support for Nautilus 3.6 and 3.8.1. Also, the icons for rosa-mediaplayer, rhythmbox, qbittorrent, stellarium, and a number of other icons have been implemented.

The developer has been updating them at a steady pace, and the icon pack is now almost complete, with very few applications missing.

You can check the changelog for more details about this release and you can download iLinux-iCons 8.7 from the official website.

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