Trillian for Linux Gets an Update, You Still Need to Pay to Try It

The developers have fixed some problems with the Debian and Fedora builds

The Trillian instant messaging client has just received its first update, but the devs still want your money in order for you to use it.

The Trillian chat client is built by Cerulean Studios. The developers have already released the application on a multitude of other platforms since it was initially announced, back in 2000.

Don't be fooled by the fact that Trillian is listed with 1.x branch. It's still in the Beta stages, and some problems might still be present. The latest changes cover some issues with the Debian and Fedora builds.

“By popular request, we’ve been spending time improving some of the dependencies Trillian requires and have also made clean Debian and Fedora builds. While we still support Ubuntu extensions, they are now optional instead of required, which should make using Trillian on your favorite Linux distribution much easier!” reads the official announcement.

You can download Trillian for Linux from Softpedia. You can also install Trillian on Arch Linux, thanks to our colleague Marius who is the maintainer of this app.

Keep in mind that this is not freeware and you will have pay for the privilege of installing this beta version.

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