Transmission BitTorrent Client 2.76 Magnet Links Qt Interaction

The latest version of Transmission can be downloaded from Softpedia

Transmission, an Open Source cross-platform BitTorrent client that strives to be as simple as possible, is now at version 2.76.

The new version of Transmission, 2.76, comes with a large number of fixes and changes, but also a few improvements.

Highlights of Transmission 2.76:

• The error logging has been improved when user-provided scripts can't be executed;

• The "Time Remaining" property wasn't set for torrents with webseeds, but no peers;

• A rare error that created a directory name "$HOME" has been fixed;

• A sort-by-age regression introduced in 2.74 has been fixed;

• The "Edit Trackers" window didn't resize properly due to a 2.70 regression;

• Magnet link support has been added to transmission-qt.desktop;

• The indentation of the torrent list and toolbar buttons has been fixed on mobile devices.

A comprehensive changelog is available in the official announcement.

Download Transmission 2.76 right now from Softpedia.

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