Transmission 2.60 Has Been Officially Released

Now with improved support for adding magnet links

Transmission 2.60, the open source cross-platform BitTorrent client that strives to be as simple as possible, has been released last evening, July 5th.

Transmission 2.60 is an important milestone in the progress of the famous torrent client used in many of today's Linux distributions, bringing improvements and fixes.

Highlights of Transmission 2.60:

· Better support for magnet links;

· Better scraping behavior for various trackers;

· libuTP and miniupnpc were updated;

· Saving cleared statistics bug was fixed;

· Basque translation for the Qt interface;

· Can now be compiled under FreeBSD and Solaris;

· Added notifications for seeding and downloading completion on the web client;

· Deselect all and select all buttons were re-added on the file inspector tab;

· Various other small fixes.

The entire changelog for Transmission 2.60 can be found in the official announcement.

Download Transmission 2.60 for Linux right now from Softpedia.

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