Total War: ROME II Arrives on Linux in 2014

The game has been confirmed on SteamOS and Linux by Creative Assembly, its developers

Creative Assembly, the developers of the Total War series, have said that Total War: ROME II will be arriving on Linux early next year.

After a series of rumors and a half-hearted confirmation from the developers, an official announcement has been made regarding the future of this game on Steam for Linux and SteamOS.

“ROME II will be launching on Linux early next year, with full Steam Controller and Big Picture support to be added as soon as Valve gets us a controller dev kit. Pick up a copy of the game this weekend while it’s 25% off and you’ll be able to play the Linux version as soon as it launches,” reads the official announcement.

Even if a precise date is not known, it's possible that the game will be launched along with the SteamOS version that will be made available for everyone.

Check the Steam website for more details about this title.

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