Torchlight Finally Gets Character Faces on Linux After Six Months

A bug that affected Torchlight since its launch in 2012 has been fixed

Torchlight has been launched for some time on the Linux platform, but the main characters never had any faces, until now.

When Torchlight was ported on the Linux, for a Humble Bundle Collection, all the Linux users were very happy. As it turned out, the game has a very nasty bug that made the faces of the main characters disappear.

Numerous requests have been made towards the developers from Runic Games to fix this problem, but they have been rather busy with Torchlight 2.

A developed implicated in the porting process of Torchlight on the Linux platform has announced, on Twitter, that the problem has been fixed.

A patch will be released for the Humble Bundle version, soon. The Steam for Linux version will have to wait and there is no timeframe for this launch.

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