Tiny Core Linux 4.6 Has Been Released

Tiny Core Plus Linux 4.6 is also available for download

Robert Shingledecker announced last night, August 27th, the immediate availability for download of the Tiny Core 4.6 Linux operating system.

Highlights of Tiny Core Linux 4.6:

· Added new mirrorpicker GUI;

· Apps GUI and ScmApps GUI were updated with menu options for mirrorpicker GUI;

· Added -o option to tce-status, for checking orphan files on httpd mirrors;

· Added ability to check for orphan files to Apps GUI;

· Better support for PRETCE RAID disks in tc-config;

· ab was renamed to tce-ab;

· Added isof applet and link to Busybox;

· Tweaked isolinux.cfg;

· Added signal trap to tce-ab and scm, in order to prevent abnormal termination;

· tce-load can now display options, if no initial option was specified;

· fromISOfile can now handle invalid devices;

· Added OnDemand & OnBoot labels and Updates message to Apps GUI;

· Added Updates message to ScmApps;

· flwm and wbar can now handle multiple Exec & Name items.

Download Tiny Core Linux 4.6 right now from Softpedia.

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