Thunderbird 24.0 Officially Released, Finally Catches Up to Firefox

The latest official stable version of Thunderbird can be downloaded from Softpedia

Mozilla has officially released Thunderbird 24.0, an email and RSS client, for all the available platforms, including Linux.

Users have been wondering when the Thunderbird version will catch up with the Firefox one. For a while now, Mozilla has only released increments for the 17.x branch, but the time for the 24.0 version has finally arrived.

There aren't any official details yet, but so far, all three Beta releases for the 24.x branch have been about bug fixing and performance improvements. You shouldn't really expect any new features or major changes.

Check out the official release notes for a complete list of changes and updates, for this Beta cycle. Don't forget to check out our review of RSS function of Thunderbird.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 24.0 for Linux.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 24.0 for Windows.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 24.0 for Mac OS.

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