This Is the First Game for Ubuntu Phone OS

Dropping Letters is a word puzzle game, similar to Tetris

Alan Pope had the pleasure of announcing on Google+ that Stuart Langridge released the first game for the Ubuntu operating system for smartphones, also known as Ubuntu Phone OS.

Dropping Letters is the name of the first game for Ubuntu Phone OS, and it’s a word puzzle game, similar to the famous Tetris.

The player’s objective is to create intelligible words, composed of two or more letters and obtain a higher score until the screen gets filled with letters. And I am safe in affirming, that this game has its roots in Scrabble and Tetris.

The game’s user interface is pretty simple, with a top bar that allows players to adjust or mute the volume.

As expected, Dropping Letters is an open source game. Therefore, the source code can be found on its Launchpad page.

Above you can see the game in action, but not on the Ubuntu Phone OS.

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