This Is the Default Wallpaper of the GNOME 3.12 Linux Desktop

The new GNOME 3.12 wallpaper follows the same design as the previous ones

The GNOME Project has released a new milestone version of the package that contains the default icon theme and wallpapers for the upcoming and highly anticipated GNOME 3.12 desktop environment.

As you can see from the image above, the wallpaper follows the same design that was used in previous releases of the GNOME desktop environment, and it features (as expected) three versions, which rotate themselves depending on the time of the day (morning, afternoon, and night).

This is the wallpaper that will be used by default for the GNOME 3.12 desktop environment, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t change it with your favorite one whenever you want. For those of you who want to see it in action, we remind you that the recently released GNOME 3.11.5 milestone includes this wallpaper.


GNOME 3.12 Wallpaper (3 Images)

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