The openSUSE Domain Prepares for Some Downtime

A scheduled maintenance will affect some of openSUSE’s subdomains

The openSUSE developers have been quite busy these past couple of weeks and now they are announcing that a few parts of their domain will be down for maintenance.

The decision to take down some parts of the domain is all about routine maintenance and nothing more.

“On Saturday, December 1st 2012, at approximately 05:00 UTC our data center team will do a backend storage upgrade. The planned window is 8-10 hours for the maintenance, and specific applications will probably be not available until 24:00 UTC as listed below,” stated the official announcement.

These are the affected subdomains:

• openSUSE Forums (

• openSUSE Lizards (

• openSUSE News (

• openSUSE (landing page ( and wikis (

• Novell Open ID for SUSE Studio (

Only the read-only versions of each affected site will be kept running.

These subdomains will remain unaffected:

• openSUSE download page (

• Documentation (

• Video recordings (

• Mailing lists (

• IRC channels (irc://

• Planet openSUSE (

• openSUSE Connect (

• openSUSE Shop (

• Features openSUSE (

• Build Service (

• Bugzilla (

More details about the downtime will be made available on the official website.

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