The Ubuntu Certification Website Gets an Update

Uses will have access to more precise information about the hardware components

Canonical has announced that the Ubuntu Certification Website has received a major update in order to make it a lot more useful and to increase its functionality.

The most important option implemented in the new Ubuntu Certification Website is the search feature, redesigning the way the systems are listed.

Canonical has observed that a lot of users were asking the same type of questions, such as "Most models are sold with different graphics cards , processors… so which one is the one listed as certified?  Does the system listed as certified works with a version of Ubuntu that I can download from Or only with the one that the manufacturer sales? What release is this model certified for?" and so on.

The results displayed now include the certified system in the search results and an icon has been added to indicate if the system is only certified with a vendor image or with the standard Ubuntu image.

Some other small changes have also been implemented. Please check the official announcement for the complete details of the update.

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