The Third Batch of Results From The Ubuntu User Survey 2012

Ubuntu fans also user a Windows operating system, in great numbers

The Ubuntu User Survey 2012 announced by Canonical in the beginning of March has ended, and the third part of results was published last night, March 27th.

Users need to know that the Ubuntu User Survey 2012 was conducted in three languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese and the responses were divided by language: English (15,653), Spanish (1,825), and Portuguese (1,751).

In the third part of the survey, Canonical has asked users about the Ubuntu One freemium service usage, and the numbers reflect a large user base: 42.3% English, 42.5% Spanish, and 40% Portuguese.

The next item on the Ubuntu Survey 2012 was the willingness of users to try a new product from Canonical. On the first place is Ubuntu for Android (57.4%), followed closely by Ubuntu on tablets (49.4%), Ubuntu on phones (47.9%), and Ubuntu TV (45.7%).

A final and really interesting question Canonical asked was about other operating systems that Ubuntu users are utilizing. As we might expect, Windows takes the first place with 76.9%, followed by Android with 51.3%, and other Linux distributions with 35.7%.

These are just a few numbers from the third part of the Ubuntu User Survey 2012, and more will come soon!

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