The Steam for Linux Beta Client Gets Performance Improvements

Valve continues to improve the Steam client with numerous Beta releases

Valve has just announced a new Beta version for its Steam Linux client, this time with just a few changes and fixed.

Valve usually pushes a few Beta updates before upgrading the stable branch of Steam, and this is just one of these versions.

According to the developers, the CS:GO “Inspect in Game…” link is now working, hiding the Tools and Software options in “Owner’s Games” filter is now working properly, and various performance issue that occurred when updating library filter game counts have been fixed.

Users don't have to reinstall the application in order to get all these changes. A message prompt will be offered and users just have to accept it.

You can also download the Steam installer from Softpedia if you don't have the client, but you do have be to enrolled in the Beta program in order to get these fixes.

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