The Mars Simulation Project Receives a Sizeable Update

The latest version of this simulation can be downloaded from Softpedia

The Mars Simulation Project, a free software Java project to create a simulation of future human settlement of Mars, is now at version 3.04.

The Mars Simulation Project takes its job very seriously and even if it might look like a game, it's actually a social simulation.

The software is modeling the human behavior of scientists, engineers, doctors, technicians, in their everyday lives, on an alien planet.

Highlights of Mars Simulation Project 3.04:

• Local X, Y locations have been added for people and vehicles in the simulation;

• Vehicles are now displayed on the settlement map tool;

• New arriving settlements can be created/edited with the resupply tool;

• A new tutorial window, that displays when a new simulation is created (Lars), is now available.

If you are interested in this fascinating project, download the Mars Simulation 3.04 right now from Softpedia.

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