The Linux Foundation Gains More Members

More and more companies choose to join the open software organization

The Linux Foundation has announced that Axis Communications, D-Link, O.S. Systems and Perforce are joining the organization.

By joining The Linux Foundation, these companies accelerate software development and build more innovative products faster.

By collaborating with the Linux Foundation workgroups, networking at events and contributing to the Linux development community, the four new members will be able to enhance their horizons and businesses.

“Linux and the collaborative development model can provide a blueprint for companies that want to maximize open source best practices and their investments in the operating system.”

“We’re looking forward to the work we can do with these new members to advance Linux and their businesses,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation.

More and more companies are joining The Linux Foundation and it's one of the methods used by various members to participate and contribute in the open source community.

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