The Journey Down: Chapter One Launches on Steam for Linux, with 20% Discount

The offer for this superb adventure game will end on January 16

The Journey Down: Chapter One, a point-and-click adventure published and developed by SkyGoblin, has made its way onto Steam for Linux.

The Linux platform has a shortage of good adventures, but things have started to move in the right direction. The Journey Down: Chapter One is poised to be one of the most original point-and-click adventure games released in the past few years, no matter the platform.

The game follows the adventures of Bwana and his friend Kito as they try to find a lost journal that will unveil the secrets of Underland.

The Journey Down: Chapter One is now available on Steam for Linux and it will be a launch title for Steam, after it exits Beta.

More importantly, the game also benefits from a 20% discount that lasts until January 16. More information about the game can be found Steam's official website.

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