The Fourth Batch of Results From The Ubuntu User Survey 2012

These is the final part and probably the most interesting part of the survey

The Ubuntu User Survey 2012 announced by Canonical in the beginning of March has ended, and the fourth part of results was published on March 29th.

Users need to know that the Ubuntu User Survey 2012 was conducted in three languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese and the responses were divided by language: English (15,653), Spanish (1,825), and Portuguese (1,751).

In the fourth part of the survey, Canonical has asked users about their reasons to choose Ubuntu. Overwhelmingly, most of the responders, 76.8%, have said because it was Open Source. Other reasons were curiosity, 65.7%, the fact that it was virus free, 57.0%, and dissatisfaction with other OSes, 50.2%. Keep in mind that these reasons are not mutually exclusive.

Another important question was about the platform Ubuntu is mainly used. As it was expected, Ubuntu is mainly used on main PC/Laptops, 85.4%, followed by spare PC/Laptop with 34.6%.

The last question is probably one of the most important ones. Responders were asked how do Ubuntu users liked the operating system from Canonical. The majority, 47.3%, thought that it was Good and only 32.2% said that it was Very Good.

These are the final numbers of the The Ubuntu User Survey 2012. Please feel free to check out the rest of the survey in the previous articles mentioned below.

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